Liver disease is very serious and can result in death. In fact, more people die from this type of liver disease than cancer and heart disease combined. There are many different reasons that liver problems occur and most are not as severe as those that result from liver cancer or heart attacks. Most people with liver issues will experience intermittent symptoms such as weight gain, loss of appetite, fatigue and depression, as well as fatigue. If these symptoms occur on a regular basis, they should be evaluated by a physician who specializes in treating liver problems.
Many people seek treatment from a liver specialist due to the fact that their initial diagnosis was not done by a specialist. The first thing a doctor will do when he or she detects an issue with the liver is to order a blood test to determine whether there is a problem. Often, doctors will order an ultrasound to look at the liver and if any of the organs are not functioning properly. If an ultrasound shows a cyst in one of the liver’s bile ducts, this is usually a sign of liver disease and treatment is likely to be required. However, the cyst will often dissolve without treatment. A doctor will often order a CT scan to look at the organ. The scan can help determine if there is a tumor or not and it can determine what stage the liver is in.